Nostr Public Relay and NIP05 identification services

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Our public Nostr relays are located in Virginia, USA and Ontario, Canada accessible by making a one-time admission payment. Visit the US Relay or CA Relay page to sign up. If you would like to sign up for our paid relays along with a NIP-05 identifier visit our registration page. The relay implementation that we use is Nostream.

To view details about the supported NIP’s visit

For monitoring the uptime status of our relay, other public relays and any future Nostr, Bitcoin or Lightning⚑ services that we will run, visit our uptime monitoring page here.

Service status checks are done every 5 minutes, response times updated every 6 hours and graphs updated every day. Incidents are logged to our GitHub repository and details about service issues and resolutions will be reported under the Issue topics.

NIP-05 Identifier service

To register and instantly receive a NIP-05 Identifier read our Nostr services page.

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