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What is a NIP-05 Identifier?

NIPS or Nostr Implementation Possibilities are a list of Nostr protocol documents which provides the guidelines for Nostr clients. NIP-05 is one such protocol that describes associating your Nostr public key with an internet identifier that looks like an email address, to add a level of trust to your Nostr social profile. Having a NIP-05 ID provides you with the following benefits:

  • Get a trusted checkmark: Your Nostr social profile will display checkmark on Nostr clients. It looks just like the verified checkmark on Twitter.
  • Quickens finding your Nostr profile: Your profile will be searchable by or one of our other amazing domains to select from.
  • Quickens mentioning or tagging users on Nostr social clients by using @name.
  • Directory lookup of other users on a particular NIP-05 identifier domain. Nostr clients may support this by searching to find list of our amazing users.
  • Could be used to fight spam on Nostr by whitelisting trusted NIP-05 domains on a private relay and by Nostr clients for filtering content.

Why use our Nostr Services?

Our Nostr NIP-05 Identification service, paid relay service and other services are accessible for anyone to use. At, we have a diverse community of Bitcoiners, developers, engineers and users from various domains that you can meet and interact with, and receive informative content. You can do this by looking up users using in your Nostr client or from our directory. By registering a NIP-05 Identifier with us, we will pair you to be a part of this talented and knowledgable community.

Our Nostr paid relays are located in two regions of North America - Virginia, USA and Ontario, Canada. It will soon be available in Europe. We intend to expand our services for worldwide accessibility to build a larger Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr community. By joining our paid relays with an admission fee, you will have the following benefits:

  • Quality content: You will experience better Nostr usability and quality content. Say goodbye to spam!
  • Meet real people: Bots and impersonating individuals or businesses are common forms of identitiy attacks. By including a small admission fee a majority of impersonators and bots are lured away.
  • Better uptime and service quality.
  • Multiple regions to choose from for lower latency like US, Canada and Europe (Coming soon).
  • Be a part of an ever growing Bitcoin community.

Along with NIP-05 Identifier and paid relays we offer Lightning Address proxy/forwarding, management, access to guides and free support. More features are planned to be added.

Our prices

NIP-05 identifier pricing structure: Prices based on the NIP-05 identifiers length are provided below:

NIP-05 ID length and domain (Fee in Sats) Two Letters Three Letters Four Letters All others
All other domains 40,000 25,000 10,000 4,000 premium domain 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000

Paid relays pricing structure: For a limited time our paid relays are 20% off.

Paid Relay Location Relay URL One-time Admission Fee (in Sats)
Virginia, USA 5,625 4,500
Ontario, Canada 8,000 6,400

The price matrix: Combined prices of buying a NIP-05 Identifier based on its length and paid relays together. The prices below include the limited offer price of 20% off for the relays:

NIP-05 ID length and domain (Fee in Sats) Virginia, USA relay Ontario, Canada relay US + Canada relay
Greater than Four letters - all other domains 9,625 8,500 12,000 10,400 17,625 14,900
Four Letters - all other domains 15,625 14,500 18,000 16,400 23,625 20,900
Three Letters - all other domains 30,625 29,500 33,000 31,400 38,625 35,900
Two Letters - all other domains 45,625 44,500 48,000 46,400 53,625 50,900 premium domain 50,625 49,500 53,000 51,400 58,625 55,900

πŸ€™ How to get started?

Start by registering a NIP-05 identifier and optionally one or more of our paid relays.

On the registration form enter a name for your identifier, select a domain, paste your public key in npub or hex format or if you have a Nostr signer extension click β€˜πŸ”‘ Use Nostr Signer Extension’ to fetch your public key. Finally, read and check to agree to our Terms of Service and click next to make a Bitcoin Lightning payment. You will be able to copy the Lightning invoice or scan a QR code to complete the payment using your Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

Note: If you click β€˜πŸ”‘ Use Nostr Signer Extension’ we will only fetch your public key to be auto-pasted into the form. We do not sign or publish any events. Feel free to validate this with your signer extension.

We offer the following NIP-05 identifier domains to choose from, all of which are currently available at the same price:


Once registration is completed you will receive a NIP-05 identifier management password as a Nostr direct message from’s Nostr social account. You can use this to login and manage your Nostr NIP-05, Lightning address forwarding/proxy, paid relay admissions or to re-generate a new password.

Support and Guides

Have any questions, issues or want to provide feedback? We make it simple to connect with you. Click on the orange chat bubble towards the bottom right of your screen to initiate a chat with us and we will help address them for you. If you prefer contacting us via email, send in your queries to

For answers to frequently asked questions our user guides may provide you answers.