About Us

During 2022 Orangepill.dev began as a website offering Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr guides to our readers. As the Nostr economy grew, so did the community for Bitcoiners. We began offering support and information to Nostr users for a quick on-boarding process and continue to do so. We offered a free Nostr public relay during the infancy of the Nostr’s growth phase and manual NIP-05 identification services. Our Nostr services have now been expanded to include instant NIP-05 identifier registration, paid relays and many others.

Our goal is to continue to improve our existing service offerings, write more guides for Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr, add new services, and to expand our accessibility of our services.

Our current team members are:

Ezofox, Full stack developer. Contact Ezofox on Nostr.
Jules, Full stack developer. Contact Jules on Nostr.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss anything related to our offerings, guides or anything else.